This page accompanies my MacUser tutorial which tells you how to make stop-frame animations with a digital camera and iMovie. The article refers to a small iMovie file which is needed if you want your results in PAL format (PAL is the standard TV format in the UK). iMovie defaults to NTSC. Unfortunately, there are no friendly ways to make it default to PAL. You need to tinker with the preferences file (a method that I am lead to understand won't work in Mac OS X), or you need to plug a PAL DV camera into your Mac so that iMovie makes the switch.

If you don't have a PAL digital camera, then the file on this page will do the same job for you. It's a simple 1 frame PAL movie. Instead of starting a new project, open this one and import your animation sequences into it. Then you can delete the Delete This Frame sequence.

Why switch to PAL? You may, at some time, get a digital video camera, or you may well know someone with one. If you have created your project in NTSC and the camera is PAL, then you won't be able to put the iMovie onto a video tape.

You may also find this file useful if you don't have a DV-enabled Mac. You should be able to run iMovie if you have the processor juice available to you.

Download iMovie PAT .SIT file (40k)

Have fun making animations!


Don't forget to keep a copy of this file safe - you'll need it when you start on a new animation project.

Example animations this way!

Read the tutorial! (NTSC jockeys can ignore the instructions to get the PAL file)

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