In this tutorial, I will show you how to produce stop frame animation on using a digital camera, QuickTime Player and iMovie 2. This is something that any Mac owner can do with a small cash outlay for QuickTime Pro, which allows you to save files from QuickTime Player. This is genuine “off the shelf” fun – no expensive software is needed to achieve great and entertaining results.

Stop Frame animation has been a corner-stone of Children’s television for many, many years. Classics such as The Clangers, Bagpuss and Trumpton were done using this techniqie. More recent stop frame animation include the Wallace and Gromit series, as well as the feature film Chicken Run, as well as the eponymous Morph from the Tony Hart DIY art series. All of these use different types of materials for their characters, but the basic techniques are the same. Move the character a little, take a shot, make another small change, take a shot and so on. After a while, all these shots make a sequence which, wheh played back at speed, give the illusion of movement.

Playing your animation on your Mac is only the start. iMovie can create files suitable for e-mailing, or you can post it on your web site for the world to enjoy. The lucky ones can burn their animations to a DVD and share it with their friends on the latest hi-tech kit.

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