Create a Movie

We now turn our sequences of images into a movie file that can be used by iMovie. You will need a QuickTime Pro serial number, but this is a small outlay and will allow you to save and edit movies from many different sources. Launch the QuickTime Player and choose Open Image Sequence in the File menu. Navigate to the folder with a sequence of images in and select the first image. You will be asked for a frame rate for your sequence; here we used 15 frames per second. This can be tweaked in iMovie later. Click OK and QuickTime Player will then load the images in file name sequence and create a movie.


QuickTime Pro

You can buy a copy of QuickTime pro from Apple. You will recieve a serial number that will unlock editing featuresin QuickTime Player. You will also be able to save movie files that you download from thje Internet too.

Making Movies