Import your photos

Connect your camera to your Mac. Here we are using Image Capture in Mac OS X to help organise the sequences. When you connect your camera and switch it on, this application starts up and gives you the option to download all or some of the images. If you have shot more than one sequence, select the Download Some... button and export each sequence to a different folder. Use the Download to dropdown to select or create a folder. Then click on Download some... and Image Capture will show thumbnails of the images. Select the images of each sequence in order and click on the Download button. When you have imported all your images, you can quit Image Capture.

Getting started - experiment a little!

To make your first animation, you need a digital camera, something to move (eg - a toy, lump of plasticine) and time. Set up your object and camera, and take a picture. Now move the object a little, and take another picture. Repeat this until you have moved the object about 50 centimeters. You are now ready to transfer your images to your Mac.

Making Movies